Donate to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church


What shall I render to the Lord

For all His benefits toward me?

Psalm 116:12


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church has served the Novato community through its various ministries over the past 60 years with the music programs and the school being its largest, ongoing ministries.  To continue providing these ministries, we rely on the generosity of our members and friends.

As Christians, we are asked to give to God’s work in thanksgiving for all that He has given to us.  There are several ways in which members and friends of the congregation can support the ministries and activities at Good Shepherd within the Novato community.  In addition to contributing in person or by mail, you may opt for contributing online.

Online donations on a one-time payment or recurring basis made be scheduled by clicking on the following link:  It is an easy to contribute to the Congregation’s activities and ministries. The funds are deducted from your account and directly credited to the Church’s account.   You can donate on a weekly, monthly or annual basis and can adjust your giving or cancel at any time.

If you have any questions, regarding making financial contributions or donating of your time and talents,  please contact one of the members of the Stewardship Committee listed below.

Committee Members:  Barbara Fewer, Tom Gannon, Joan Groves, Susan Nissim, and David Perotti.



Photo by Naassom Azevedo