Sunday Worship 8.23.2020

Sunday Worship 8.23.2020

August 23, 2020


    1. My unexpected God moment happened very early last Sunday a bit after sunrise… I decided to rescue our newspaper from more potential rain and still only clad in my nightgown (as I had gotten up to close all our windows to keep the cool air inside) I put on a coat which I clutched around me and went outside. There I saw a man, walking down the middle of the street…a knit hat on his head and robes that went to his sandals and had a cross hanging from his neck. he was tall, slender and his modest beard was grey… We talked briefly and I found out he was a priest on his early morning walk. We commented about the thunder and lightening that had happened a bit earlier and I didn’t hear his name when he said it to me…i have since found that he is a monk: Brother Agapetas. He seemed to project a warmth and peacefulness and looked like he came out of old testament times. When I related this event to Selbie, she too, wondered about his name. She died before I could tell her what I found out. God bless all our God moments.

    2. The Sunday message, regarding the life of Jesus, was again informative and well received , plus the composition of the readings, videos and other aids (guidance to readings, songs, etc.) was professionally accomplished.
      I congratulate all who participated in the super presentation!!

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