Types of Services

Funeral Service: When remains are present in a casket or as ashes in an urn.

Memorial Service: A memorial service is conducted when no remains are present. This type of service is preferable when remains are unavailable or the service is celebrated a significant time after the death.

Graveside Committal: The Committal is a brief service with readings and prayers committing a body in casket to the ground. Committal generally precedes or follows the funeral service. When the committal involves a casket, it is called an “interment.”

Inurnment: This is a brief service with readings and prayers that commit ashes to a final resting place. This can be done any time after the death.

Visitation: A visitation is a not a worship service and typically happens at a funeral home, prior to a funeral/memorial service. It is a time when family members receive condolences and well-wishes of friends and loved ones. When desired, the body is present for viewing.