About Good Shepherd Lutheran Church


We are a community of people following the teachings of Jesus Christ built on God’s foundational love and grace.  Our sanctuary is a sacred place where peace is promoted and love generously shared. The ministry of our church provides a safe and healthy environment for children to learn from role models of all ages. Inspiration to live with hope and a sense of purpose is promoted during every Sunday worship service as we encourage all to praise God for our many blessings and learn how to closely follow the best role model who ever lived, Jesus Christ. Our hope is to bring the relevance of the Church into people’s lives as we practice those teachings through service, sharing, commitment, and prayer.

We hope you will visit. Come as you are, off the hiking trail or dressed to the nines.

Worship is a good time to “let go and let God.” A time to breathe deeply, a time to reflect, a time to shout out in frustration, a time to weep, a time to laugh… all while worshiping God who gives us the ability to feel all of that and more. Sunday morning is a time to celebrate a God who embraces you just as you are.

In other words, when we say “come as you are” we really mean it.

Joy and Peace,

Pastor Daniel Christian